Israel-Palestine Conflict, Israel Declares State of War, FlyNewsOn,

Israel-Palestine Conflict, Israel Declares State of War, FlyNewsOn,

Dozens of gunmen from the Islamist militant group Hamas appear to have infiltrated southern Israel in a surprise rocket attack from the Gaza Strip.

Hundreds of people are being treated in Israeli hospitals, with at least one Israeli woman confirmed to have been killed in the attack.

Israel Palestine Conflict Live | IDF Declares ‘Ready For War’ Amid Massive Rocket Barrages

security forces in southern Israel have moved to a war footing to combat surprise attack by the Palestinian militant group Hamas the biggest indecent years thousands of rockets have been launched into Israel from Gaza and dozens of militants appear to have entered Southern. Israel here’s what we know so far the rocket attacks have struck Tel Aviv and areas that surround Gaza air raid siren have also sounded in several other town sat. least one person is reported to have been killed so far the town of ashalon has seen major explosions details of Palestinian incursions are unclear but gunmen have been reported in towns narthex Gaza border. and Israel have been sorry Israel have Israelis have been warned to stay inside Hammer military commander Muhammad de announced the start of the operation in a broadcast pass on Hamas media calling on Palestinians everywhere to fight Israel’s prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu is holding an emergency meeting and the military says is striking Targets in Gaza in response. there are Palestinian reports of Israeli soldiers being captured let me bring you these latest pictures from Gaza they ‘reshowing Hamas militant celebrating and posing for pictures on what is said thobe an Israeli army tank Palestinian media are reporting that number of Israelis have been taken captive by Fighters the footage alsoshows what appears to be an an Israeli military vehicle captured by the militants our Middle East. correspondent Jan now is in Jerusalem and told us the size of the attacks is unprecedented all my years of covering these rounds of violence we haven’t sienna infiltration um on on this scale unreally. it does seem from the the videos that are circulating that there are per haps dozens of militants who have crossed uh from the Gaza Strip into Southern Israel. you’ve got unverified TV images that show them on motorbikes umin pickup trucks even by H glider um now unconfirmed reports uh from Gaza also saying that Israelis had taken back into the Palestinian Enclave um some Israelis holding. them captured perhaps several soldiers. we’re not able to to verify that at the moment

but that would be Avery worrying development indeed for Israelis that brings back uh memories of what happened to gilled Shalita the soldier who was captured in across border raid by Hamas militants backfin 2006 and was held until2011 um. now all of this looks extremely ell planned um by hamas’s multimilitary Wing um now you can see in some of the videos that there are militants. now who are um filming themselves close to Israeli homes that they may have taken some of those homes over. there are also videos filmed by Israelis where you can see um people arein the street shooting and and these people say they can hear Arabic outside their windows that was your land now inJerusalem well for more on this Let’scross.

for many years just how significant are today’s events this is extremely significant in all the years that Hamas have been InControl of Gaza more than 15 they have never done anything like this they have never launched a surprise attack uh on number of different locations Israeli security officials said an hour or sago that there were 21 separate incidents going on there’s a lot

do anything like this tension has been rising very strongly between pelicans and Israelis there’s been a lot nonviolence in the West Bank which is the territory that goes from Jerusalem towards the Jordan River uh which been occupied by Israel since1967 uh that has been the focus now for months and months and there’s been a alot of killing and violence there but nothing in comparison out of Gaza so I think now the Israelis are using very strong language they say they’re in astute of War they’ve been attack edthey’ve pulled up reservists they’re having this emergency meeting of their security cabinet and I think it is highly likely that once the Israelis unmake their plans. that they will probably mount an incursion into Gaza uh this thing is likely to escalate and Jeremy the big question for our viewers will be why now because this seems to be coordinate coordinated attack that would have taken a lot of planning as well why do you think Hamas is doing today well uh they’ve called its something like operation Jerusalem flood uh there’s been tension in Jerusalem during the recent Jewish holiday nothing on the scale that we’ve seen before where there were Palestinians being pushed out by force out of.

the the mosque there the Alexa mosque which is the third holiest site in the world for Muslims and it’s also uh for for Jews. the site of the Jewish the ancient Jewish temple and therefore venerated by. them it’s the most single contested piece of ground really in the entire Middle East and uh there have been some incidents there Jews have been praying on the what they know as the Temple Mount which is something which is it doesn’t sound much but it’s considered to be highly inflammatory and I think incomes as a culmination of these growing months and tension uh between Palestinians and Israelis in Jerusalem in the West Bank and now Hamas have decided to move there’s. also symbolic anniversary and in the Middle East anniversaries are quite big deal it’s the 50th Anniversary atthe moment of the surprise attack in1973 by Syria and Egypt which lasted. which resulted in a Middle East War lasting uh almost a month uh where Israel was it was a close-run thing umand Israelis I’ve spoken to.

today are calling this prime ministe rnetanyahu’s yum kipor surprise when Israel was taken by surprise 50 yearsa go and you know it could well be thatthe Hamas planners thought let’s try and do something like that again thank you very much that’s our International editor visit fly news on.

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