Third-prize POWERBAL Jackpot rises to $1.4 billion

Third-prize POWERBAL Jackpot rises to $1.4 billion

Third-prize Powerball winner in Big Flats as Jackpot rises to $1.4 billion

Lottery players have the chance to snag Powerball’s third-largest jackpot for Wednesday night’s drawing. The big prize sits at $1.2 billion with a cash option of $551.7 million.

It’s the first time in the game’s history that back-to-back cycles have generated billion-dollar prizes, according to Powerball. The prize is also now the 7th-largest lottery jackpot in the U.S. (up from 9th place a day earlier), behind earlier Powerball and Mega Millions prizes that all topped $1 billion. If won, it would be the second-largest Powerball prize this year.

On Wednesday, the 33rd consecutive drawing of the multi-state Powerball lottery game produced no jackpot winner, resulting in the game’s jackpot increasing to an incredible $1.4 billion.

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